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Halleluiah – I’ve Reached Another Milestone – 70 Years of Age!


I had intended to post this on the 6th, the day of my birth, but just didn’t get around to it.

My, my, what does one say when they turn 70?  I feel a little odd (notice I didn’t say old).  The 60’s, for me were definitely a mixed bag.  Good times, bad times, good health, bad health; but, in the end, I survived.  I went from working in the corporate world to making beds and cleaning toilets, then came back to the corporate world.

You ask, how is one who is just now 70, still working?  Well, necessity is a real motivator, plus I bore easily.  I actually excelled when working as a manager of a small motel — I was never bored, moving all the time and lost weight along the way.  I’m back to my first love though; creativity, and working for the company I have worked for, off and on for more than 30 years.

Catching the bouquet at age 69

Instead of putting a few dollars away for a rainy day (basically my retirement), my philosphy was take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself.  As a consequence there is no early retirement for me.  Not a problem though – remember, I said I was easily bored, so given the opportunity to continue in the work force is actually a delight.

Who would have thought though; this ol’ broad, at the ripe age of 70 is a graphic artist and professional blogger – skills I acquired later in life.  I still edit the corporate newsletter, create ads and have entered the life of social media.  I haven’t quite got the hang of twittering though – LOL!

My grandchildren have all gotten older; from 13 to 24 yeas of age.  Where does the time go.  I remember rocking them when they were infants, singing lullabies.  No great grandchildren yet; and that’s still okay since I am still doting on the younger of the six grandchildren I have.

Santa loves all dogs – from Doberman’s to Boston Terriers

I plan to be Santa again this year – to the animal kingdom, and if my either of my younger granddaughters need a volunteer Santa, I’m there woman! 

Baking is still my thing, and yes, I’m still an ol’ foodie, watching food network TV every chance I get.  Chopped is my favorite and I so enjoy the challenge shows. 

Speaking of baking, my youngest son is attending college, taking a course in culinary arts — oh, how I so wish I could take a culinary course.  There might still be time since my youngest granddaughter said I was going to live until I’m 99; hmmm, that means another 29 years to go.  Who knows, the next time I blog I might just be telling you about my escapades in the college dorm … ha ha!

Be on the look out for new Christmas poems and photos . . . . until then, check out www.get-packin.com