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Nana Claus . . . .


This year I will be participating in FREE pet photos with Nana Claus for Paws at one of our local retail establishments.  I also suggested we consider making this a fund raiser for our local police department’s K9 unit.

You’ll have to return to my blog to see the photos and hear all about it. 

. . . . belated Thanksgiving greetings . . . until next time


A Christmas Greeting to you all . . . that includes Fido and Fluffy!


Just looking at this Christmas wreath brings a smile to my face, and I hope to yours as well.

I made this wreath as a thank you gift to my local vetinerian, and as a result of an activity I volunteered to do that has been the highlight of this holiday season, for me. 

I’m a pet lover, as you can see by some of the photos displayed here.  And, I confirmed what I already knew; there are many people who own pets that are absolutely crazy about them.  Fact is, according to several websites I searched, about 63% of all U.S. households own pets.  That’s about 69 million households.  And, many own more than one pet.  Wow!  That is a lot of dogs and cats . . . plus fish, birds, Iguana’s, etc.

Fact is, according to www.huffingtonpost.com more than half of pet owners will purchase a Christmas gift for Fido or Fluffy, and some spend an average between $29 to $46.  Let’s see  . . . that’s more than a billion dollars (if my math is correct).  That’s a lot of dog and cat treats, comfy bedding, new duds, etc.

Let’s face it, pets are simply part of our family, and why not.  They are entertaining, loving, comforting, great companions and can even be life savers. 

So from me and our rescued dog Annie, we wish you a woof woof, meow meow holiday season!

To learn more about pet Christmas presents statistics log on here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/08/pet-presents-holiday-season_n_1081502.html