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Christmas 2013: My Way


Rather than to reinvent the wheel I will simply repost a previous blog I did about the 12 Days of Christmas . . . . I also wanted to point you to another blog that illustrates 12 traditions of Christmas . . . . and to complete this years Christmas offering I will post new photos with Santa on the 25th after all of the festivities have ended.

I’ve been remiss in keeping up with my personal blog, but promise to rectify it in 2014 and do my very best to offer a new post on a weekly basis.

In the meanwhile, check out for some additonal Christmas and Holiday cheer.


Be sure to log on to my Arm-chair tourist et al blog


I’m trying to stay current and relavant . . . therefore, if you don’t see a new blog on Scoop1942, then check out my other blog ‘Arm-chair tourist et al’Note this teaser: indoor plumbing was invented circa 1500 B.C., but American building codes didn’t require indoor plumbing until the 1920’s.  By the way, out houses are still used today although most are called port-a-potty and are used in temporary settings like construction sites and at festivals and outdoor events where large crowds gather.

Remembering Bubba


November 6, 2011

I turned 69 years of age today – hallelujah!  I consider this a milestone in my life.  I have now lived longer than my father and my paternal grandmother.  I’m aiming for 99, in case you are wondering.

It has been quite some time since I added a post to my blog.  Yes, I’ve been remiss in keeping up with Scoop1942.  Things have changed in my life dramatically since 2010.  The largest impact was the loss of my beloved Bubba; my 17 year old cat who was my loyal and loving friend whom I nurtured [and kept him alive] him when he was barely 6” long.  He never knew his kitty momma and I firmly believe he thought I was his mother.  Here is a photo of Bubba taken a couple of weeks before his passing.

Bubba, my beloved cat for 17 years.

 My professional self changed as well.  I am now managing a small motel in a small town in rural southern Mississippi.  My job as a graphic artist ended when they outsourced my position. You might say I was replaced by an entire company.  I miss doing what I was doing for the company I had worked for (off and on) since 1983.  Life goes on though and I’ve adjusted; slowing down where my computer is concerned because of a diagnosed carpel tunnel problem in both wrists, but I’m glad to report the arthritis in my hands has improved (or just hasn’t gotten any worse) so I am able to crochet once again.  This has enabled me to crochet some afghans for Christmas gifts this year.  I guess its tit for tat.  If you can’t do one thing, you might as well try something else.

Things are mighty different where I’m at now.  Before, I lived in a suburb of a large exhilarating city with plenty of hustle and bustle; shopping opportunities just like many of  the great cities in the world; a foodie’s paradise and so much to do there simply was not enough time to get around even to make a dent in extracurricular activities. 

Taylorsville has less than 1,500 residents; and, NO red light!  We have two grocery stores, two discount stores (no Wally world though), two gas stations, several sit down restaurants, but, ironically, a lot of traffic from 6 am until about 8 pm.  I like the quiet slow pace though and feel very comfortable in this friendly little town.

My life has thus slowed down considerably, and frankly I am glad.  I have finally realized that when one reaches age 69 one does slow down and its okay. 

On a more professional note, I began another blog and am working on a newsletter for the hospitality industry (after all, I worked in the field for some 35 years).  You can find my new blog (related to travel and tourism) at aka Arm-chair Tourist et al.

I’ll sign off now and try to be more prolific in the future.  Oh, by the way, I baked my first Challah bread. It came out beautiful (looked just like the photo in Martha Stewart’s Living Magazine) and tasted so yummy.  I’ll be sure to post a photo of it the next time I bake one, which will be soon.