Monthly Archives: November 2010

Getting ready for the Holidays


Although 68 years of age, I still get excited when November and December roll around.  I begin pulling out the old cook books and reviewing new recipes, knowing that I’ll have to modify most to keep within the confines of being a diabetic as well as pleasing my daughter who is on this no fat, low sodium, minimal everything diet; yet wanting everything to taste yummy.

I’ll drag out the craft containers; pondering my Christmas gift list, thinking who will be the benefactor of some special Christmas gift I create this year. Last year I made and gave out about a dozen and a half goodie containers.  These were recycled Folger’s plastic coffee cans (large and medium size).  I deconstructed Teddy Bears, using the cans for the body — and after assembling all pieces, lining the containers with felt, I then filled them with individually wrapped peppermints and hard nuts.  I even included an inexpensive nut cracker and pick set.  They turned out fantastic!

I decided I would return to making art dolls; basically Father Christmas art dolls and maybe one Santa Claus or two.  But, my first creation for 2010 turned out to be a little different.  I made, my intrepretation of a Maharaja.  A stately prince of India from days gone by, and I dressed him in festive burgundy and gold for the holidays.  This is what I would think Father Christmas looked like in India.

The beautiful organdy material with golden threads and gittering sequin dots was a gift from an Indian couple I had befriended.  This is my way of saying thank you for their thoughtfulness.

I’ll be adding some more photos in the next couple of weeks of other creations I have made for this festive time of the year.

Until then . . . you need to try Martha Stewart’s pumpkin cupcakes.  The yummiest, moistest I’ve ever eaten – I got her recipe off of the net.