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50 Years ago . . .


A major milestone in life is being able to look back over the past 50 years and remember the milestones of 50 years ago. 

For instance,  I graduated from high school on June 8, 1960 – 50 YEARS AGO!

I weighed barely 90 pounds (as they say, soaking wet) and barely out of diapers (as some would say) when I drove half way across the United States to get married to G.I. Joe (literally). 

Don Juan on a hot day in June

My Mother’s birthday was also in June, the day I married (for the first time) on June 12th.  Had she lived passed her 72nd birthday she would be 85 years old today.  Roses were her favorite flowers – and I love roses and grow them, so this one’s for you Mom.

My youngest granddaughter said I would live until I’m 99, and at 67.5 years of age it appears that I may celebrate even more milestones when all is said and done.

You might say that I am a product of the decades, having learned something new and innovative each of the past 10 years of my life.  This decade is one of technology.  At first I came in kicking, thinking I couldn’t learn ‘computers’ and here I am a techno granny learning something new every day, or so it seems.  And, that my folks is what keeps you alive and makes each day worth getting up for.  Its called challenge and motivation.  There is life after children and even grandchildren after all.

Oh, I’m like a lot of older folks, I’ve got my miseries and ailments.  I’m a Type II Diabetic, and can give you a laundry list of other ailments as well.  Let’s not ponder on that though. 

The tag said 'medium' heat - I guess I'll find out by about the end of this month

Let’s talk about the five varieties of peppers I’m growing in my little garden out back.  Can you imagine, I’m growing PURPLE peppers. 

I’ve also got two varieties of cucumbers, six varieties of tomatoes and two types of squash.   Ah,  I forgot I put in four seedless watermelon plants as well, and I have a bevy of herbs – let’s not forget I’m a foodie and love to try cooking new stuff.

So, along with my blogging, growing fresh veggies, and soon to attend my 50th Senior class reunion, well I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, like being able to share my life and thoughts with you all.  Thanks for keeping up with Scoop  . . . . .