Where Does the Time Go?


Angel Wings Begonia plant is flanked by Adams Coat

Goodness me – I haven’t posted the first thing in the month of May.

 Where does the time go?  Between my day (career) job, putting in a few extra hours here and there to stay on top of a variety of projects for work, and all my evening ‘things’ plus good weather on the weekends for gardening and keeping up with American Idol, well I have just been remiss in keeping you all posted with what’s happening in Scoop’s world.  I haven’t  done any beer tasting in I don’t know how long, and like I said, haven’t even added to my personal blog since April.  The saddest thing is my bread maker has been idle for some time.  Now that’s just wrong!

We’ve been so fortunate here in Hotlanta (an appropriate name for this part of Georgia, and it isn’t even June) because we’ve had great weekends for doing things out of doors.  If you’ve read my posts at all, you know I am an avid gardner.  I’m even putting in a small vegetable garden.  So far I’ve planted salad veggies.  Actually I’m a seasonal kind of gal.  Every season I embark upon a different path.

This Father Christmas is dressed in an ivory colored soft felt robe, topped with a brown faux mink cape lined in gold velvet, and adorned in an antique faux gold covered cross

For instance, in the fall months (pre Christmas) I become pretty crafty.  I wield my magical wand and create one-of-a-kind Santa’s and Father Christmas dolls.  I’ve also made special Christmas wreaths, bearing in mind color schemes, favorite things, cultural preferences, etc., and I’ve also put together beautiful holiday center pieces.  I had been making heirloom angel dolls but had to discontinue because I crocheted their dresses and my arthritic hands can’t hold the chrochet needles any longer, although my favorite craft for this past holiday season was Teddy Bear goodie containers.  I’m sorry, I don’t have a photo of any – I gave them all away as Christmas gifts and never thought to take the first picture.  I may just have to repeat this crafty treasure for this year because everyone who received one last year seemed to have loved the bears, container and all.

My claim to fame is recycling or repurposing items.   This is what pleasures me most.  Using things instead of discarding them makes sense to me.

Hopefully my next post will have photos of some beautiful veggies if my neighborhood rabbits don’t abscond with my greens.  Between the birds, the squirrels, chipmunks, and now rather large rabbits it is a wonder I have any vegetation growing at all.  Someone must be smiling down upon me though because my thumb has been greener this year than in many years past.  Hallelujah!


About scoop1942

I am 74-years young with six grandchildren and one great-grandson, two great granddaughters, professional and recreational blogger, previous graphic artist, hospitality industry veteran, Jill of all trades; master of a few, plus hobbiest, re-cycler and dreamer. My steadfast companion for 17 years, Bubba, who is now deceased, reminded me daily of what loyalty was all about. I now have a rescued dog who has turned out to be the best dog I've every had; Annie, who is part Shepherd, part Boston is sweet natured and a wonderful companion. You can now find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Oh my; while social media may not have been meant for Grandmothers, it has sure turned my world on end . . . what else will technology bring our way. I just recently got a smart phone and texting is my game . . . LOL

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  1. I LOVE my doll you sent me… And I do cherish it as an heirloom.. Thank you so much for such a treasure… I miss our frequent dialogues when we were knee deep in the directory….

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