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Mixed Bag Weekend


It pretty much rained; slow, steady, hard and heavy all day long Saturday, but it was a sunny Sunday, although quite windy.  How very fortunate for me and others who live in or near Hotalanta, GA.  My garden loved every minute of both days  . . .

A little rain goes a long way in aiding growth of Mein Hosta and Coleus plants

Many folks, especially those in Mississippi did not fair as well.  My heart and prayers go out to all who suffered property damage or loss, and certainly to those who were injured or lost loved ones during one of the worst storm and tornado weekends to have happened in some time.

May you have more than your fair share of beautiful weekends from here on out.

My Grandiflora shows off her beauty


Rose Heaven . . .


This must be Tropicana Rose Heaven; for why else would these blooms be so beautiful?  I feel as though the angels gently touched them, then whispered into the air: fragrant notes for all to take in.

I can smell her light fragrant perfume . . .

Lady in Yellow!


I wondered when Knockout Roses would be introduced in colors beyond the red spectrum; and lo and behold the Lady in Yellow has arrived in style. 

The weather here has been perfect; cool (but not cold) nights, very pleasant mornings and evenings and a sky full of blue and bright yellow sunshine from 10 am until 4 pm . . . perfecto!

Peek 'a Boo . . . I'm almost there!

This particular rose budded several days ago and yesterday showed signs of growth; but OMG, this morning the bud had shed its green skin, and this afternoon it opened its eyes to the world. 

Green coat aside: I don my gown of yellow!

Can you believe, in less than 48 hours I can now enjoy the beauty of this yellow Lady!

This one is for Misty!

Move over sunshine: I have arrived!


Another Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. . .


We have indeed been blessed over the past week; what with temperatures in the upper 70’s to low 80’s, low humidity and sky bluer than a pastel colored blueberry.

A Little Ray of Sunshine - a Major improvement to my blah backyard of just a few weeks ago

All of my flowers are smiling and dipping their heads in thanks to the moderate temperatures, although I have become the morning shower and afternoon sprinkles with my trusty green watering cans.

If you are following my blog about my rose garden then you will be pleased to know they are doing just fine.  Here is another photo of Don Juan – in the 3rd day of blossoming, and I’ve attached a couple of photos of Tropicana, which is salmon in color with what appears to be a tad of cream.

Don Juan trio of lovelies - Notice how Don Juan is spreading his brilliance

Don Juan gets more beautiful by the day

Here is Mr. Lincoln – a  red red rose in his early blooming stage. Join me again as we watch my garden grow.

Beginning to show signs of life

Roses are Red, Pink and Yellow too . . .


“I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden” . . .  surely some of you remember that stanza from a popular country and western song in years past.  And, then maybe not, but it does reveal a little about this blog. 

Note how the velvety petals begin to cast its winter coat aside

Perhaps a tweener - not quite grown up

I love roses, the deeper the red the better; the brighter the yellow, the pinker the pink and the pureness of a stark white rose are some of the reasons I love them.  Emerald green, grass green leaves and forest green leaves; some oval shaped, some shaped like tear drops and some non-descript add the perfect background to the most beautiful flower in the world.

I do not claim to be an expert on growing roses, and I could not name a rose if my life depended on it, unless it had one of those tags that come with most rose bushes.  That does not mean I don’t know how to nuture them and coax them into brilliance.  So, I shall share with you my rose garden; small, but filled with delightful fragrances.  I will water them gently, whisper good morning and good evening to them, keep watch over them as a Mother hen does her baby chicks, and wish them into a bounty of blooms to last throughout the summer. 

I’ll not bore you with any more verbage.  I’ll just provide the beginning of my beauty pageant and take you through their growing stages — so, if you wll bear with me, this is the first of many blogs I will write about MY roses.

“Whats in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other word would smell as sweet”  . . . Shakespeare

Groupies – Brews, I Mean!


Okay, so I was trying to be witty. 

I’ve been off on my blog mark when it comes to my attempt at becoming a world-class beer connoisseur.  I just haven’t done that much taste testing lately, and then when I did down a few brews I let it slip by not getting the word out about those that I did taste.

Not three at a time - three separate tastings . . .

So here goes – my catch-up game!

Note the trips in the photo.  Let’s start with Shock Top!  Wow, what a bottle label.  That is what caught my eye.  You know its not just the taste I’m after, but the whole kit and kaboodle.  I’ve been in marketing for half my life so I look at everything that gets a product or service to the cash register.

The orange with a mohawk has to grab your attention, but that’s where it stops.  This was one wierd brew.  I felt as though I had swallowed some alum when I finished the bottle; that’s how dry my mouth was.  Very orangy, and I could taste the spice.  Would I buy it again?  Hmmmm the verdict is out on that one.  But to learn a little more why not click on

I was somewhat familiar with Becks, but it had been a number of years since I hoisted that green bottle with the red and silver label.  What I wasn’t prepared for though, is their cool cool website.  Yup, you have to enter your age, and they actually think someone might have been born in 1907 who still drinks Becks.  Well, that’s highly possible because its a pretty darn good pilsner, fact is a classic German pilsner, full bodied and one I’ll come back to again.  Now, about those doors;you need to log on.  You don’t know what you’re missing until you do.

And for the last candidate, Moe’s backroom Amber Ale; Tap Room No. 21.  With this type of hype I thought it would be a killer brew, but I came away disappointed.  There just wasn’t much to it; not a lot of flavor, which is surprising it being a dark amber.  Maybe when it graduates to Tap Room No. 22 there will be some improvement.  Had to try it — and maybe you should too and judge for yourself.  I noticed this Rochester, NY brewery had some good write-ups on their pale ale.  I’ll try that next and give them another chance.

Until my next taste testing — Cheers!