Best Dang Cake You’ll Ever Eat!


The actual name of this cake is Better Than Sex Cake, but I was somewhat reluctant to use it in the title; you know, intimidation by what the obscenity police might say.  But there you have it; not the name I gave this cake, but lots of other folks have dubbed it so.  The thing I didn’t know is that this cake has evolved throughout the years, and now there is version II, III and IV.  I have baked and eaten version I, and I will admit it was the best darn cake I have ever eaten.

 It is decadent!   It is finger licking good!  It could be addictive! It is ooey, gooey delicious!

To think I had only learned of this cake the beginning of this year.  I had asked my daughter, “If I were to bake you a cake for your birthday, what kind of cake would you like?”  And this is the cake she asked for, citing her one-time step mother as having baked it for one of her earlier birthdays.  Up until that day I had not heard of this cake.  Well, as any 67 year-old tech savvy Mother would do, I googled it.  Whoah, I guess everyone knew about this cake but me, because there were a boat load of Better Than Sex Cake recipes that popped up.

I baked this cake and took it to the office.  It seems there was one person who had heard of it and eaten it previously, and she too thought it was one heck of a cake.  The others soon learned how good it was, and spoon, fork and finger licking was the norm that day.  It was as though they couldn’t get enough of it.  When someone asks you for the recipe, you know you’ve done a good job.  Yup, another fan of the Better Than Sex Cake was born that day.

So as not to bore you, I will first tell you that Version I featured a fudge topping as part of the recipe, while Version II called for caramel as the secret ingredient, and Version III is like a cake ambrosia with pineapple, whipped cream, vanilla pudding, coconut and walnuts.  Version IV is much like Version III, but it calls for pecans instead of walnuts.   Not to put down II, III and IV, but I think the recipe guru’s should leave well enough alone.  The first version is by far the best, so far as I am concerned, but  if you like ambrosia I guess version III sounds pretty good. 

You need to try Version I at least one time in your life, and here’s where you can get the recipe:

“You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”

–          Bob Hope

And, in Swedish, I leave you with Jag ska återvända


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I am 74-years young with six grandchildren and one great-grandson, two great granddaughters, professional and recreational blogger, previous graphic artist, hospitality industry veteran, Jill of all trades; master of a few, plus hobbiest, re-cycler and dreamer. My steadfast companion for 17 years, Bubba, who is now deceased, reminded me daily of what loyalty was all about. I now have a rescued dog who has turned out to be the best dog I've every had; Annie, who is part Shepherd, part Boston is sweet natured and a wonderful companion. You can now find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Oh my; while social media may not have been meant for Grandmothers, it has sure turned my world on end . . . what else will technology bring our way. I just recently got a smart phone and texting is my game . . . LOL

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