Don’t Mess With the Recipe


Back to the drawing board for me.  How could my first loaf of freshly baked bread, using my new breadmaker, be so near perfect and then my second one be a near disaster?

Could it be because I messed with the recipe?  Yup, I truly do believe that.

I thought I could spice up the country French White bread, so I added a tablespoon of Mrs. Dash.  I believe if you add a dry ingredient you must remove a dry ingredient of the same measuring amount.  The same is probably true of liquid measurements, although I cannot be 100% sure of this.

Like I said, a near disaster.  First the loaf was lobsided and the top of the bread stuck to the (inside top) of the lid, so naturally when it was done and I opened the lid, a part of the top portion of the bread was torn away.  Not too pretty!

Next, the bread did not appear to be completely cooked.  It actually had a moist look and felt a little gooey near the center.  I went ahead and cut the loaf in half to see just how much damage occured. 

Well, not to be detered, I pulled out the butter crock and proceeded to slather that thick creamy pale deliciousness on my bread.  Not too pretty!  The bread tore apart but I did manage to get a small piece buttered.  The taste was, hmmmmmmm, okay, but not great, and certainly not at all like the first loaf I baked.

Would you believe the birds wouldn’t eat it?  I believe a stray dog confiscated that loaf I left out by the tree.  Probably thought it was an unusual shaped football or something akin to that, and then again maybe the dog didn’t know the difference. 

Lesson learned: Don’t Mess With the Recipe!

Next loaf was Mrs. Potato Head Potato Bread.  Not as I expected but at least it cooked evenly and was done.  I think I’ll stick to the Country French bread for now.

I never said I was going to be a perfect bread baker, did I?  Or did I say I was going to work toward baking the perfect loaf of bread?  Either way, it appears that I have a long way to go.


About scoop1942

I am 74-years young with six grandchildren and one great-grandson, two great granddaughters, professional and recreational blogger, previous graphic artist, hospitality industry veteran, Jill of all trades; master of a few, plus hobbiest, re-cycler and dreamer. My steadfast companion for 17 years, Bubba, who is now deceased, reminded me daily of what loyalty was all about. I now have a rescued dog who has turned out to be the best dog I've every had; Annie, who is part Shepherd, part Boston is sweet natured and a wonderful companion. You can now find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Oh my; while social media may not have been meant for Grandmothers, it has sure turned my world on end . . . what else will technology bring our way. I just recently got a smart phone and texting is my game . . . LOL

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  1. Well… maybe we are connected more than I thought…. My first pizza dough that I tried the other night was a 2 on a scale of 1-10… very disappointing, I failed to fulfill my hopes of making the perfect crust first time out.. My new Kitchenaid mixer had a recipe for “crispy pizza crust” so you would think that I couldn’t go wrong.. not exactly… bad yeast, maybe I was distracted while measuring the flour.. not sure. I’m certainly not giving up though… I have a recipe from my instructor at college, that’s my next try..

  2. I have been reading some of your posts since you were kind enough to stop by and visit me and I enjoy your writing style. I’ve never been brave enough to try baking bread even though I did follow a yeast recipe for rolls when I worked in a restaurant however they never turned out the way they were suppose to so someone else made them after my 3rd attempt. So many things I would at least like to try and so little time?

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