Bucket List: Item Number Two / Master Bread Maker


My first loaf of bread

As you can see by the photo, I have begun my second goal.  I am cheating a little though, because of having osteoarthritis I am unable to knead the dough to make my own home-made loaves and rolls, etc., so I purchased a bread maker machine.

I bought an Oster 2LB. Expressbake Breadmaker machine to help me in my quest.

I procrastinated for about a week before breaking in the bread maker, but I finally set my course to bake a loaf of Country French white bread.  It was an interesting venture, but I have to admit that I honestly believe kneading the dough is probably a real key element in feeling that you are truly a baker.  I actually did attempt to make bread some years ago, but for the life of me I cannot remember how it turned out.  I am sure I gave it a good go.  My family preferred home-made biscuits though, so I worked at perfecting that type of bread.  I make a pretty good tortilla also.  The thing is, though, there is no aroma like the aroma of fresh bread baking (biscuits, tortilla’s and the like do not have that aroma wafting through the air during their cooking process).

Using a bread maker machine is actually quite interesting, as you observe the various stages it goes through.  I actually pictured a multitude of teeny tiny elves inside that bread maker, kneading and punching, and kneading some more.  A little humor infused in one’s writing never hurts, don’t you think?

The time it takes to bake bread in a bread maker, from the moment you place the ingredients into the machine, until the bread is actually ready to be eaten, will vary; although,  it took a little more than 3 hours for me to be able to cut a slice of the Country French white bread I baked.  I’ll have to remember this because other than holiday dinners I usually prepare foods that take less than an hour to cook.  I can tell you though, it is worth the wait.  The aroma, the taste, the texture and the pureness of freshly baked bread is everything I hoped it would be. 

While I may not be getting up at 4:00 o’clock in the morning, as most bakers do, I will be testing recipes and perfecting my very own bread; albeit I will be using modern technology.  I will, however, step back in time  and adapt as many ‘old’ recipes, like those found in Uncle John’s Original Bread Book, and hope to make an attempt at using one or two of Nancy Silverton’s recipes from her book Breads from the La Brea Bakery

You’ll know if I succeed or not because this is all part of my becoming a master baker (I didn’t say professional, but certainly a person who knows how to bake bread).


About scoop1942

I am 74-years young with six grandchildren and one great-grandson, two great granddaughters, professional and recreational blogger, previous graphic artist, hospitality industry veteran, Jill of all trades; master of a few, plus hobbiest, re-cycler and dreamer. My steadfast companion for 17 years, Bubba, who is now deceased, reminded me daily of what loyalty was all about. I now have a rescued dog who has turned out to be the best dog I've every had; Annie, who is part Shepherd, part Boston is sweet natured and a wonderful companion. You can now find me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Oh my; while social media may not have been meant for Grandmothers, it has sure turned my world on end . . . what else will technology bring our way. I just recently got a smart phone and texting is my game . . . LOL

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  1. You know by law true “french bread” has only 3 ingredients…flour, yeast and water.
    That’s why they bake it fresh twice a day. The flour they use is also higher in protien than ours.

  2. Is it coincidence or not.. I’ll let you decide.. I’m on a bread making venture of my own… A gift for Valentines Day (awesome gift from my Valentine) was a brand new and first for me Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. The ultimate machine needed “kneaded hahaha”….. This weekend I will try my first loaf.. Breads, pizza dough etc. are all on my list.. I hope to master the pizza dough.. I’m looking forward to reading all your posts to come… I admire you greatly, and hope you know how much your friendship has changed me for the better….

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